Bringing Brilliant Apparel Brand Ideas To Life


The purpose of the Stateless Incubator is to create opportunities for people who want to start fashion companies, but do not necessarily have the resources, experience, or network to make it happen successfully. From a pool of applicants, we will select the most capable leaders with the most promising ideas, and then the Stateless team will help them build and launch their companies.


For Founders: Dreams Quickly Become Reality

Selected founders will immediately have a full dedicated team of highly talented and experienced fashion designers, brand developers, strategists, production coordinators, PR managers, and more to help them with everything they need to get their company off and running.

Founders will work within a coordinated program involving:

  • Business and Brand Strategy

  • Product Design

  • Brand Design

  • Product Development

  • Production

  • PR and Marketing content creation and outreach

  • Web Development

  • Launch Event

For Investors: Low Risk, High Reward

Stateless can successfully launch companies without the expense or trial and error involved with building out internal startup teams. Stateless has successfully helped launch or grow over 50 apparel businesses. Our team brings decades of experience working with brands such as Gap Inc., Macys, Ted Baker, J. Crew, etc. with degrees from Parsons, RISD, and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Incubator investors will feel confident that the founders will be supported by a team that knows how to efficiently design and develop high quality products and position those products within an effective brand story.

For Partners: Connect With Fashion’s Future

As there are very few options out there like this incubator, but a large amount of people looking to start apparel businesses, we anticipate a lot of attention from applicants and press. Our partners will have the opportunity to spread brand awareness to this audience. In addition, we can make sure that as part of our incubator program, our startups utilize any relevant products or services offered by our partners, and continue to do so as the startups scale.