Our Sourcing Relationships Are Invaluable.

Stateless has a network of manufacturers, wash houses and fabric mills based in the United States and overseas. We've vetted many factories to meet our high standards of ethics and cost effectiveness. Our designers and production managers are fluent in "factory speak," meaning they know how to communicate with factories to ensure excellence. Through costing exercises and sample comparisons, we will help you find the perfect factories for your needs.

"They made it a reality. They took my dream and made it into a reality."

— Founder of new line sold in boutiques in the U.S. and Paris

"Without them, it would have been much harder to launch."

— Founder/Creative Director of new apparel line in stores around the nation

"I think the Stateless opportunity is for new businesses, to get them up and running and actually making the product. It’s being able to come in and understand what your brand is about, and help you find factories whether you want to create product domestically or overseas. They’ll explain the advantages and the disadvantages of both. They can explain why made in the US is more expensive if you’re willing to pay for it, and share some of the nuances. It’s not as easy as it sounds."

— VP of box subscription company based in NYC