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Artemis DiCiero

Inspired by the the rigors of her dance lifestyle and its emphasis on form, aesthetic and flexibility, Artemis set out to create a line of clothing comfortable enough to dance in, refined enough to wear out for the evening, and simple enough to pair with the most elaborate heels.

In addition to helping develop her full product line, Stateless worked with Artemis to shape her brand identity and produce all assets needed for launch.



We chose fonts, colors, shapes, and textures that reflected the client’s emphasis on simplicity and elegance. The icon merges the client’s initials into a balanced form that suggests fluid, graceful motion.

The Master Brand includes:

- Typemark (both stacked and horizontal orientations)

- Icon

- Lockup (typemark and icon together stacked and horizontal)

- Primary color palette

- Mood board

*An Artemis style guide is currently in development to flesh out the brand identity



Based on the shapes, colors, and textures we established in the mood board, we choose The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia as our shooting location. The museum’s serene beauty made it an idyllic spot for our team of filmmakers, photographers, and makeup artists to let their creativity loose and capture a large volume of content that we have used to build the Artemis website, look book, and social media.



Our choices for models, makeup, lighting, poses, and framing were all motivated by the brand’s soft, elegant aesthetic. We also helped coordinate wardrobe pairings that showcased the product line’s versatility.



We developed an intuitive e-commerce site that invites customers into the world of the brand and clearly showcases its beautiful line of garments. We then taught the client’s team how to easily manage inventory, offer promotions, and fulfill orders using the site’s simple backend system.


We helped Artemis distill down and articulate her essential purpose and mission. We also shaped a specific style of language and tone of voice that fit within the gentle, sophisticated feeling of the brand. We then took this clearly defined intention and voice and applied it in contexts such as website copy, product names/descriptions, and Instagram captions.



We helped curate imagery that fit into the world of the Artemis brand and combined that with our original lifestyle and product photography to create a content calendar for the first few months of posts after launch. We also developed a strategy document to help the client’s team internally maintain growth and consistency. The document outlines an approach to posting, captions, hashtags, outreach, and paid ads to effectively target the client’s specific audience and build a large following.