The Rafter Club

The Rafter Club pulls inspiration from the creativity, technology, and passion that goes into the design of basketball sneakers to reimagine traditional menswear. Rafter is the brainchild of our Director of Brand Development, Evan Polivy. Along with the rest of our team, Evan built the brand, produces marketing content, designs the products, and coordinates with an Italian manufacturer who makes all of the company’s shoes by hand.



The Rafter aesthetic combines the refined classic aesthetic of country club sports like golf, tennis, and polo with modern basketball culture. The empty banner icon is meant to provoke the question, “what will your legacy be?” It represents the Rafter mission to inspire people to find their arena in life and rise to its rafters. The banner is also adaptable and can be filled in with various content to represent different ideas and brand partnerships.



We produce photoshoots to flesh out the brand world and show the variety of outfits the shoes can be paired with.



For product photography, we focus on clearly showcasing the shoes’ hand painted textures, while including subtle shadows to maintain a dramatic strength that ties into the feeling of the lifestyle shots.


The Rafter website showcases our lifestyle shots and product line within an intuitive interface. Additionally, it includes a blog called A Gentleman and a Baller, where we curate and produce original editorial content that explores basketball’s influence on culture to keep the Rafter audience engaged with the brand even when they’re not shopping.



We produced a launch party for Rafter in connection to game one of the NBA finals. The party was an opportunity to bring the brand to life and give influential individuals and publications an opportunity to interact with the shoes in person. We easily sold out the event mainly because we capitalized on people’s strong desire to have a comfortable, social environment to watch the game.

We also participated in a Soho showroom during mens fashion week. For this, we produced a look book/line sheet and setup a lounge and captivating shoe display.


We give serious thought to influencers we feel will best represent Rafter’s style and values and then strategically gift them product in special wooden packaging. Fortunately this has translated into amazing people loving the shoes, wearing them regularly, and lending strong credibility to the brand.