Three Forty Five AM

Three Forty Five AM is a menswear line where conception meets reality - for forward thinkers in search of pieces that follow no particular pattern or trend. In addition to helping develop the full product line, Stateless worked with the client to shape their brand identity and produce all assets needed for launch.



For this brand, we were tasked with the challenge of capturing the specific feeling of exploring the hidden corners of a city late at night. We chose shapes, colors, textures, and words that are simultaneously clear and intriguing. As an example, the icon can be seen as a series of crisp lines forming a simple abstract shape, but with a closer look, the brand name becomes visible within the negative space.

Services included the design of:

- Logo

- Color palette

- Mood board

- Graphic motif

- Header and body typography

- Visual and verbal brand guidelines



Our team of filmmakers and photographers set the scene of a man alone in a nightclub after everyone else has gone home and then wandering the desolate streets of Brooklyn as the sun begins to rise.

For the video, we applied a subtle effect of the model moving forwards as everyone around him is moving backwards to convey that surreal out-of-body feeling one can have walking alone after a long night.

Through this shoot we captured a large volume of content that we used to build the brand’s website, look book, social media, and more.



We captured the client’s product line on three models and used the shots to build out the e-commerce website and Instagram.

We wanted to make sure the products were easily visible, but to maintain the brand’s dark edge, we included subtle contrasting shadows and a light grey background rather than going with traditional even product lighting and a bright white background.



We developed an intuitive e-commerce site that invites customers into the world of the brand and clearly showcases its wide range of garments. We also helped develop names and descriptions for each product. We then taught the client’s team how to easily manage inventory, offer promotions, and fulfill orders using the site’s simple backend system.



We helped curate imagery that fit into the world of the Three Forty Five AM brand and combined that with our original lifestyle and product photography to create a content calendar for the first few months of posts after launch. We also developed a strategy document to help the client’s team internally maintain growth and consistency. The document outlines an approach to posting, captions, hashtags, outreach, and paid ads to effectively target the client’s specific audience and build a large following.