Thoughtful answers to these questions will allow us to understand your business and how you want your brand to feel. Your answers will be the foundation of our creative process designing a brand identity that is unique to what your company is all about. 

if you don't yet have a name, please put your personal name.
By the end of the process we should know your brand deeply with all five senses and be able to quickly identify what fits into the your company's world and what does not.
Don't choose based on script or message. Choose a movie based on it's textures, lighting, colors, mood... How the movie FEELS not specifically what it SAYS.
Don't choose based on lyrics, but rather by vibe. Choose a song you'd like to be playing at your launch party to establish the atmosphere you want.
When choosing, think about what shapes and textures you want to be part of your brand.
Think about the ideal environment you see your brand existing in. Maybe it's a specific tropical island, or a historic library, or outer space, etc.
Try to come up with a well-known person who you would want to represent your brand ideally (alive or dead or a fictional character). Your choice could be based on a combination of this person's sense of humor, swagger, ambition, fashion style, vocabulary, modesty, etc.
This could be a book, magazine, poem - anything with a specific writing style and language you might like used when describing your brand.